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The chart projector featuring 50 types of charts that can perform the inspection in a wide field from child to adult.




50charts and various masks



























Landolt, Letter, Child, Snellen, 50 kinds of charts, and Horizontal line, Vertical line, one chart, various masks can be selected by the remote control box.


Fast, slient chart disk rotation


It moves to the following chart in a maximum of 0.3 seconds.


User Program mode


2 kinds of programs can be selected. 48 kinds (maximum) of chart and mask are memorizable.

Room light switch

By using optional deviator, operation of a room light is available by the remote control.


  1. Lamp switch

  2. Room light switch

  3. Program switch (1,2)

  4. Chart/Mask switch

  5. Horizontal line switch

  6. Vertical line switch

  7. One chart switch

  8. Back switch

  9. Next switch

  10. Eyeball chart switch


Adjustment of the brightness

The brightness of the projector can be changeable by the control switch according to the brightness of the operation room.

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