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  • Supporting cornea shape analysis by various map indication.




Measuring image


                                            Placido head 20rings and6292 measuring points.
                                           Maximum measuring area10.6mm in 43Dipter.


Corneal Maps



                                           Axial, tangential, elevation andrefractive in normalized,

                                           absolute,numeric and adjustable scales.
                                           Also add layers(grid,rings,keratometric and pupil)andinterpolation.


3D Maps


                                            3D corneal maps and 3D corneal indexes.
                                            You can change the perspective angle bydragging the mouse both

                                            vertically andhorizontally.



Corneal Profiles

                                              Corneal profiles andCorneal structure.

Multiple Maps



                                            4 different corneal maps areavailable.

Contact lens tools


                                           You can obtain a suggested lens and seethe movement of the lens on the

                                           eye whileblinking.


Corneal lndexes

                                           This windows showsdifferent corneal indexes,like eccentricity,

                                           asphericityand shape factor. Alsoinclude the KISA% indexalgorithm for


View Eye


                                           You can see the wholecorena, and measure usingrectangle, oval and

                                           lineshapes, clicking over theimage,and dragging themouse.

                        Printing TopographerReport

                                           CT-1000 allows you to printthe current map displayed,in the Corneal

                                           Structurescreen, in a topographicreport, including theKeratometric

                                           Corneal Profileand the eye's image tovertify the detected rings.

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