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New Generation DESIGN & STYLE

Exquisite detail and quality.Sophisticated shape combined with soft curves and the attractive color with high quality two-tone metallic and pearlescent paintwork which complements any interior and appeals atmosphere of trust to the customer.

Newly-developed smart puffing control system (S.P.C)

The S.P.C system, which includes our newly developed algorithm measurement engine, makes it possible to adjust air pressure instantly and precisely to match the patient's intraocular pressure. It also keeps noise to a minimum and ensures soft air pressure

Newly designed smart alignment & auto shot function


Smooth and accurate alignment function. Once aligned, air pulse and measurement commence automatically.
By keeping measurement time to a minimum, patient stress is reduced.

Reliability Warning Display


                   The warning mechanism displays an asterisk on the screen when measurement reliability is low.

        * display on the left

                     "Is the measurement point properly aligned?"

         * display on the right

                     "Is the patient’s eye opened wide?

Convenient IOP correction function


                     The IOP value is corrected automatically by simply inputting the central corneal thickness.

                     This can be done easily before or after measurement.

Three functions for superior safety


     When the nozzle is too close to the patient's eye, an alarm is triggered and the words “Too Close” appear on 

     the monitor. In addition, the safety stopper function prevents contact with the patient's eye.

Feather touch sensor button


The feather touch sensor button, designed for compatibility and interface with the screen, make our non-contact tonometer easy and reliable to operate.

Unique LCD Monitor



A swivel function to the left (30°) and a vertical tilt function (40°) have been added to the monitor unit. This swivel function allows measurement while supporting the patient.

Improved forehead and chin rests


Side flaps mounted to each side of the measurement window enabling to block out the light realizes high accuracy. The modified shapes of the forehead rest and the chin rest help to minimize stress of the patient

New Joystick


The completely redesigned joystick with the shape and top button allows the operator to control the unit with more precise and instinctive movement.


                                  Softer and quieter... A high-quality, smart & silent model

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