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  • LED lamp eliminates troublesome lamp replacement and also makes battery life become as 3~4 times as longer than our older model

  • Lever action becomes much smoother by using linear sensor


  • The "cornea reflection light coincidence method" is used. This operates by aligning luminous points on the pupils with the measuring line.

  • Results are displayed digitally. Three measurements are given : Right, Right + Left, left.

  • Results are accurate to within 0.25 mm.

  • Measurements can be made for a single eye or for both eyes.

  • Possible to measure PD of focusing-point distances ranging from 30cm to infinity.

  • Automatically switches OFF one minute after operation is completed, thus conserving power.

  • Distances from tops of cornea to lenses of frames can also be measured.

  • Forehead Bar

  • Nose Pad

  • Display of PD (R・R + L・L) or Distance from Cornea Top to Lens

  • Power Supply Switch

  • PD/ Cornea-Lens Distance Change Button

  • PD Adjustment Lever

  • Focusing-Point Distance Lever

  • Viewfinder

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