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Complete Slit Lamp line-ups to meet various needs and requirements.

New Premium Features

Convergence Optics


12degree convergence optics for easy image fusion. Newly designed optical alignment affording wider visibility in the eyepiece.



Built-In Yellow Filter

Internal yellow filter may be conveniently switched in/out quickly for fluorescein techniques.


Wide Field & High Eye point Eyepiece Design

With our newly created wide field optics, we have successfully increased the actual field of view. Wider fields of view as 37,23, 14.6, 9.5 & 5.9mm are achieved. With the new high-point eyepiece feature, eye exams are performed in a more natural, comfortable manner.


Illumination Improvement(Brightness Increase ×1.8)

Reviewed and redesigned the illumination pathway and increased the illumination using the same light bulb. (20W) *Brightness comparison against our existing 20W model.

Expanded Slit Width & Height

A wider slit width & longer slit height capability are attractive features when combined with our new wide field optics.
Slit width: 0-15mm
Slit height: 0.2, 1, 3, 5, 8, 15mm/0.5-15mm



Standard adjustable diffuser for clear image capturing.

Foot Switch



Upon using the digital camera system, the foot switch will let you easily and quickly take pictures of the patient's eye during examination.


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